More are Switching to Avesdo as their Trusted Sales Operating System

It’s about agility, profit, risk mitigation & ease in this business

In the highly competitive landscape of new home presales, success hinges on a number of key factors: agility, revenue optimization and unit sell-through, with efficient operations that minimize [read: eliminate] risks. This white paper delves into the significant enterprise benefits of leveraging Avesdo—a tool for new home sellers to accelerate sales, boost revenue, and dramatically reduce costs and risks in administration and associated human errors.

Let’s talk about the problems we know developers face

Presale home developers face countless challenges in a rapidly evolving market. Selling a project is much different than selling a single home. The numbers are bigger, making the risks greater, and the process more complicated. Lengthy sales cycles, presale requirements, financial risks, regulations, human error, and administrative bottlenecks can impede success. Avesdo emerges as a strategic industry ally, shifting traditional approaches toward more future-forward workflows (and with more ease), paving the way for our clients’ success in today’s automated world.

Challenges in Traditional Approaches

New home developers often contend with cumbersome administrative processes using paper or disparate apps and spreadsheets; human errors often slip through the cracks and losses can be measured in millions; protracted sales cycles, and inherent financial risks walk a fine line between a project being viable or not, nevermind the cost and headache to track data for future decision-making and regulatory compliance. All these risks for systems which don’t allow quick real-time decision making where the opportunity to increase revenues is almost always lost in the rear-view mirror.  These challenges have not only hindered profitability, but have also limited the industry’s propensity for innovation and, ultimately, growth.

Software Challenges

Before Avesdo, systems like ours typically had to be custom built or compromised on clunky generic CRM or ERP platforms that were extremely costly, a headache to maintain, and almost never worked as intended. Real estate developers had to become software developers without the ability to leverage their investment across the industry. The net result was easily duplicated systems for standardized industry processes offering no competitive advantage producing frustrated execution, data collection and data use which are the real competitive advantages. 

Project level solutions are not sufficient either as they face the added challenge of siloed project data, frustrating the desire to leverage learnings from one launch to the next. And newer catch-all new home focussed platforms claiming to provide “everything-in-one-place” seems like a no-brainer but, in practice, the complexities across departmental processes are infinite and the cost to customize and maintain softwares worthy of company-wide consideration are enormous and far too big for any start-up or small business to effectively take on. Most apps are not enterprise-worthy, and almost none of the software providers except Avesdo have the industry experience required to understand the important nuances of the new home sales market. For these reasons, there are failed software implementation stories spread like shrapnel throughout the top-tier developers.

Avesdo: A Comprehensive but Focussed Solution

Our thoughtful, detailed, robust and specialized sales platform was designed to automate industry sales best practices, empowering developers by addressing specific challenges they face at a project or enterprise level. By digitizing and automating critical sales processes, like payments through Avesdo Deposits [link to blog], it allows developers to focus on their core competencies: building and selling homes.

Key Benefits

Faster Home Sales

  • Avesdo expedites the sales process, reducing time-to-market, and facilitating a swift return on investment
  • Digital demand tools allow clients to run simultaneous pre-sale events, expediting a typically lengthy sales rollout with consecutive events
  • Enhanced customer engagement tools and integrated communication features accelerate decision-making and purchaser action, expediting the entire sales cycle

Accelerated Revenue Generation

  • Real-time data and proven presale workflows developed in the top presale markets in the world enable real estate developers to see and capitalize on demand early and quickly before it’s too late. 
  • Streamlined workflows and automated processes enable real estate developers to sell quicker generating required presale revenue targets more rapidly
  • Advanced project management tools facilitate efficient unit (and resource) allocation, optimizing yield and maximizing profits
  • Our new Avesdo Deposits product, and digital EFT payment system, ensures our clients get paid faster (which means they get draws quicker to build quicker)

Risk Mitigation

  • Comprehensive risk management features minimize administrative risks, streamlining operations and reducing costs
  • Defined workflows and wizards ensure best-in-class processes must be followed and make it easy for anyone to do so
  • Built-in regulatory compliance features help developers navigate legal complexities, reducing the likelihood of costly setbacks

Effortless Administration:

  • Simplified documentation, automated reporting, and integrated inventory management significantly reduce administrative burden
  • Developers can focus on strategic decision-making, innovation, and growth without being encumbered by paperwork
  • Avesdo Deposits fully automates the chasing and collecting of crucial contracted payments, providing the support you need for your most important but cumbersome and disliked administrative function 

Real-world Impact

Case studies and testimonials from hundreds of launches and tens of thousands of sales underscore the tangible benefits realized by presale home developers who have embraced new home sales processes and platforms like ours. From shortened sales cycles to substantial revenue increases, as a leader in this space, Avesdo has proven to be a catalyst for our clients’ success.

In Conclusion

The adoption of Avesdo transcends a mere technological upgrade—it is a strategic imperative for the future of new home sales and development. Faster sales, accelerated revenue, and simplified administration are not just aspirations; they are tangible outcomes that are a must to be successful in today’s competitive new home selling space; achievable through the innovations found in our platform.

Your Next Steps

If you’re not using Avesdo yet, take the opportunity to transform how your business functions—and supercharge your sales. If you’re an existing client, connect with us to understand how to leverage more of the platform and reap the clear benefits. 

This is the future of new home sales—in a swift, profitable, and easier way.

For further information or to dive deeper into the Avesdo platform, please contact us at or connect with your dedicated account manager

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