Take Control of Your Data

Avesdo consolidates all your project data in one secure location, giving you the visibility you need to proactively shift strategy and ensure profitability on every unit you sell.

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Keep data safe from loss and risk
Real-time data delivery
Sophisticated analytics and intelligence
Capitalize on trends

Keep data safe from loss and risk

Your data. Your rules. Not only does the Avesdo platform give you one single source for data, it also gives you complete ownership over all the data you collect.

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Real-time data delivery

Real-time reporting means you’ve got the ability to track and view every detail of every transaction—from finishings, to colour choices and scheduling.

Make Data Decisions

Sophisticated analytics and intelligence

Get the right unit to the right agent or buyer. Avesdo gives you the visibility you need for more profitable outcomes with an intelligent database that can answer questions your competitors can’t.

Reporting – Sales Rep Performance

Capitalize on trends

Find out what sells now, and what will sell in the future. Avesdo turns the data you collect into actionable insights that can drive sales, and help plan future projects.

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Real-time data capture

Produce downloadable reports across your entire project timeline.

The more you know, the better you can sell. Real-time data capture and tracking helps eliminate the unknowns that can impact profitability.

Make Data Decisions
Over 300 data points

Produce a wealth of proprietary information on every deal.

With over 300 data points, each deal you execute produces valuable data you can use to build insights for future projects to ensure sales and maximize profits.

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Strategic decision making

Collect the data you need to drive better decision making from project to project.

Data-driven insights

Augment your sales data with actionable insights pulled from previous deals.

Optimize profitability

Gain superior control over the profitability of your current projects and those you have in the pipeline.

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