Building Stronger Client Relationships with Avesdo

Breakside Real Estate Group partners with developers to bring new residential communities to life. They are a full-service real estate marketing subsidiary of Frontline Real Estate specializing in the Surrey-Langley market.

Real estate marketing companies often manage the sales of several developments at once. This produces a few unique management and administrative challenges, not often shared by smaller developers’ and home builders’ internal sales teams. At any point, for example, Frontline Projects can have 8-10 communities running concurrently.

Marketing companies have a commitment to each of their clients and it can be tricky to not just meet sales goals, but also demonstrate and provide long-term value. Avesdo’s deal management software has optimized Frontline’s internal systems and helped to strengthen relationships with their developer clients.

Benefits for Breakside and their Clients

Amy Rebodos, VP Finance at Breakside, realized early on that the switch to Avesdo was necessary and has seen the benefits firsthand. “We’ve been able to streamline our own processes and our own reporting system,” she said. “And as a result, we’re able to be a better partner to our own clients because we give them more up-to-date and live information.” The goal for Frontline was to get clients onto Avesdo and away from a paper system. “We have no optics on a paper system. We relied on numerous people touching a contract just to get information out of it.”

Breakside Real Estate Group has benefited greatly from a centralized system that works in real-time. “I get complete visibility and so does our client,” Rebodos said. “At any point in time they can go in and see a unit being reserved or that a price has just been changed and it’s consistent throughout. Nobody has bad information because we all refer to what’s on the online system.” Because of this, no one at Frontline, or elsewhere, needs to rely on human-generated reports.

“It’s all of your conveyancing, it’s your contract management, it’s everything you send to your lawyer, so it all sits in once place and the information that sits in Avesdo, you can use to run your business.”

Amy Rebodos, VP Finance Breakside Real Estate Group.

Multiple stakeholders, one source of information

Everything that anyone would need is ready to be accessed within Avesdo. From Breakside’s conveyancer to their lawyers and everyone in between, the organization is working from the same source of information. This streamlined approach has had a direct impact on their sales centres too. According to Rebodos, there’s much more capability in being able to actually use the information and be proactive. “We can have two people on Avesdo and get through the contract writing process just as quickly and the information going in is credible.”

Spending more time converting

Increased accuracy means that the sales team can spend less time in the back office and more time on the sales floor. “They can do what they’re best at: having a relationship with a buyer and making sure they’re happy. They’re answering all of their questions about the home instead of going through the black and white paperwork.” Avesdo empowers the sales team to focus their time on qualifying and converting purchasers.

Of course, the deal signing process can be a hassle in the back office too. Avesdo tightens up Breakside’s contract signing so they don’t have to wait multiple days for a deal to get accepted. On the contrary, contracts can be signed almost immediately without the developer even having to be in the office. But that’s not the only upside. “It also imposes a certain rigor, as well, on contract writing and has eliminated so many audit mistakes on our end.”

Human error in the contract writing process meant that Rebodos’ team often needed to go back and re-initial contracts. Avesdo has significantly reduced the amount of human error with built-in checks and balances, allowing a more seamless deal management process for all involved parties.

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